All Terrain Wheelchair

All-Terrain Wheel Chairs: Making Impossible Things Possible!

All-terrain wheel chairs are wheel chairs designed to travel beyond the conventional paved or dirt road. In the spirit of breaking boundaries and vaulting physically challenged individuals over their limitations, there is now a growing class of wheel chairs designed to roam the beaten track and show that there is more to life than the comfort of concrete roads and flattened gravel paths. All-terrain wheel chairs are at the forefront of this evolution.

The design of many all-terrain wheel chairs carry some common but amped up elements. First, most designs are electric powered simply because that is the only way to allow the wheel chair to move through uneven and demanding ground. In fact, more than just being electrically driven it is equipped with very powerful motors and a 4×4 drive to allow the wheel to dig in through mud or and pushing the chair forward with relative ease. The steering system is also upgraded so that the chair is not limited within the conventional forward and backward range of motions. Simply put, these chairs are like mini-cars in their own right, able to power through wet ground, sand, and slippery surfaces for a drive that can’t be beat.

Here, we list some of the more popular all-terrain wheel chair options providing a variety of choices for those who are looking to ditch their conventional chairs for a more powerful one.

X4-Extreme. This wheelchair is made for the toughest conditions possible. The “extreme” name is no fluke; this is equipped with huge tires to plow through any surface. The steering system is world class with more range of motion than conventional models. If you are looking for a device that can run through a muddy track, then the X4-Extreme is the right model for you.
Viking 4×4. 4-wheels make this wheel chair able to go through just about everything. Sand and wet ground are no problems. Even hills, snow, rain work just fine for the Viking. This equipment was made to conquer lands like Vikings of old and anyone would feel right at home going through tough terrain while comfortable strapped in a very plush chair.
X5-Frontier. Six wheels make this baby the king of the hill. The middle wheel is the larger of the six but the two wheels allows for extra maneuverability not present in other models. The handling and power combination of the X5-Frontier make it an all-frontier conquering “vehicle” that take you wherever you want to go.

The near unlimited options for all-terrain wheel chairs are opening up possibilities previously unheard of in wheel chair technology. Now, you do not have to feel sorry being strapped to a chair because this chair is no ordinary chair. Pick your preferred all-terrain wheel chair today and go places, see the wonders of the world, and experience a fresh bolt of adrenaline rush as you feel the wind in your face and the dirt in your legs. Quite simply, the world is your playground with these all-terrain wheel chair designs.

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