Fun Wheelchair Activities

If you are dependent of a wheel chair for your mobility but really bored because you think that you are limited, think again. There are many activities that you can do and it only takes your imagination and some practice to have fun about it. You may be in a wheelchair because of a lot of reasons, surgery, disability, depuy hip recall, etc. I say to you: get over it and start having fun or maybe earn. These are some deals for wheelchair activities that you can enjoy:

1. Computer gaming – I hate to admit it, because of the rise of many mobile applications and the web, you can defeat boredom. I guess people in wheelchair should be given free cell phones for them to play with and use in emergencies. You may also be able to use game consoles in the future with the xbox 360 hard drive so you get more to do and play.
2. Wheel chair basketball – This has become a professional sport in the US. If you can shoot hoops and move your way around. If you have a long reach, play ball! This is pretty common in the US nowadays. Sports is a very good activity for people dependent of a wheel chair.
3. Quad rugby – This is a merge of basketball and ice hockey in a wheel chair and all started in 1988. You just have to bring the ball to your goal, nothing fancy. You don’t have to use inversiontables for the scoring and the stats.
4. Race! – you can always race put an engine on your wheelchair and order car batteries online for electric ones, use a rocket if you want to go a lot faster. This is a real challenge and may require some engineering and precision.
5. Travel – who said that just because you can’t walk, you can’t travel, airports and planes have dedicated special spots for you. Don’t be scared about leaving home, you can have property management York deal with whatever you’ll be leaving behind.
6. Dance – Yup! Wiggle your chair and shake them. You can dance and go with the beat, get your body to show them moves. Get jiggy with any songs. You can always work your wheels to go and have fun partying.
7. Work – This is essential. You have to earn money too. You can have a laptop and start finding a steady mode of income from the web. You can work on SEO or take on writing. Work with ODesk or freelancer and surely there can be a job for you. You can design a web site and have seo San Antonio deal with the traffic.
8. Deal business in mobile – Yes, you can deal with your business, or start one without leaving your wheelchair or your home. You can use a blackberry to simplify your tasks, make sure you use the blackberry bold 9000 battery so you get more from your charging.