Taking Care of Someone in a Wheelchair

Physical disabilities, whether permanent or temporary, can have a drastic impact on the affected person’s life. You see, any disability has the potential to shatter someone’s confidence if the people around that person do not fully support him. It is therefore of paramount importance that such people be treated with utmost care and respect. This post will deal about issues that can arise if you happen to be taking care of someone in a wheelchair. Now somebody can be in a wheelchair either because of an accident leaving them temporarily unable to walk, a severe back pain , or because of a permanent disability. Either way, that individual needs to be treated in a manner that he or she is able to carry on with his or her daily activities without any issue regarding being accepted by society. Let’s join hands in spreading awareness regarding such issues that deeply trouble some members of our society.

The person you are dealing with is not mentally handicapped!

The problem is that whenever we deal with someone handicapped, we immediately start treating him or her as if he has some sort of a mental problem along with the physical problem in question. This is the biggest mistake that is made by caretakers everywhere. Understand the difference between someone who is perfectly healthy mentally and someone who isn’t. Just because someone does not have the ability to walk does not mean that you can start treating them like someone who is mentally handicapped.

They don’t want your pity!

It most certainly is not a good idea to openly express pity for someone in a wheelchair. Yes, seeing someone’s situation may make you sad but that does not give you the right to humiliate that person by feeling sorry for him or her.  Pity is the last thing that a person would want. Try putting yourself in their position and see how you would feel if you were the one everybody felt sorry for.  Always keep in mind the fact that the other person may not be able to walk but that does not make him or her any less of a human being. You never know how that person may be better off than you in so many different ways.

It is bound to exhaust you physically:

If you feel that taking someone around in a wheelchair is an easy task, think again. If you feel like it is as simple for searching for auto insurance quotes or an emergency dentist in Glasgow, you are mistaken. It is a task that involves constant vigilance and quite a lot of physical effort. Moreover, you cannot let any physical discomfort be visible via your facial expressions because that is just a purely unethical thing to do.  Even if you do get tired, you will have to put up with it with a smile on your face. Believe me; you do not want someone to feel like they are the cause of your discomfort in a situation where they are extremely helpless.

Taking proper care of someone in a wheelchair is difficult but highly rewarding. Take these tips to help you with any such situations that life may bring you!