Tips for Choosing the Right Wheelchair

Being confined to a wheelchair on a temporary or permanent basis is never fun but choosing the right wheelchair can significantly improve or compromise your situation. If you’re going to sit down for an extended period, you might just as well sit down in comfort, with enough mobility to get around unaided, and pack as much gear as possible into a wheelchair unit that still remains fairly affordable. Just as Stephen Hawking!

But alas, we can’t have all that we need in a wheelchair packed into one amazing cheer with all the necessary pictures that allow you to roam the villas in Spain without any help. For this reason, we are putting together the most important considerations for choosing the right wheelchair. If pressed for prioritization when it comes to what features you can afford and which ones to forgo, use this list as a handy checklist to allow you to pick the right wheelchair for your everyday needs.

Above all else, mobility is the reason why we are getting a wheelchair; hence, it should be the first consideration when choosing the right wheelchair for you. The appropriate wheelchair should allow you to feel like a king in a hotel in Italia or a getaway on a beach in Costa Rica without problems.

That being said, there are multiple facets of mobility that should help you zero in on those wheelchairs that suit your need and taste.

Motorized wheelchairs are relatively difficult to load into a vehicle but give you considerable freedom if you want to get around. Assessing whether you should go for motorized wheelchairs in favor of manual operated ones is basically your quick version of a personality test. Which attribute do you prioritize and which one do you dispense with? It’s basically a matter of personal judgment but for the most part, we would highly recommend motorized wheelchairs if you want to be constantly on the move. You can inconvenience a loved one only so many times hoisting a motorized wheelchair to a pick-up truck but without the hassle of having to ask someone to help you move around the space or to the water fountains, you are at a significant advantage.
Materials of construction significantly alter the weight of the wheelchair but also increase the price dramatically. Wheelchair made of steel is cheap but heavy; conversely, aircraft-grade aluminum is very light but also expensive. Again, this depends on prioritization but if you have the money to spend, high quality materials will save you a lot of effort. Conversely, you can always invest money on a motorized wheelchair and allow it to take all the load. After all, what is the motor there for if you won’t use it for pulling power?

Asking what constitutes an expensive or an affordable wheelchair is like giving water softener reviews. There’s a point when no amount of advice can help you establish the ideal value as it is purely based on your capacity to pay.

Still, if you are eyeing manual medical wheelchairs, your healthcare agent might be able to give you one on account of your insurance. This is where personal injury lawyers could come in handy because all that documentation can be useful reference when filing a healthcare claim on wheelchairs. Unfortunately, motorized or all-terrain wheelchairs are beyond the scope of conventional Medicaid, Medigap or Medicare which means you will probably be paying for it out of pocket.

If you do not have available healthcare policies to foot your wheelchair bill, there are other financing methods that can help you with your needs. A common system is to loan for wheelchairs and many work advice articles advocate this method if only to stimulate the lending industry. If you really are out of options but want to get a new wheelchair that will grant you more freedom, then financing programs is the best option for you.

Additional Features
This is entirely up to you and in most cases is not a need but rather a want. Do you want a wheelchair that can play audio books or something like Mr. Hawkings’ that has a built-in voice translator? Modern electronics has moved us from the age of screen printing to sophisticated chips and functionality so you can even get a chair with a DVD player should you want to, provided you are willing to pay the price.

Once you have figured out just what it is that you want from a wheelchair, you can start scouting for the product that will suit your taste. We strongly advice that you do the assessment first before you go out shopping for a chair because this is the best way to ensure that you buy a needed item and not one that jumps out at you at a price that’s beyond budget. If you’re only looking for twinkle Christmas lights, you do not have to buy the tree too!

You can look at available options from Amazon or from specific wheelchair brands. You can also inquire through community forums about options that might fit your needs based on somebody else’s experience. At the very worse, you can enlist the services of a mobility dealer to shop for a chair for you. It’s much like commissioning your home security systems where you give the specifications and somebody puts it all together for you.

Choosing the right wheelchair need not be a tedious task. Just list your requirements, prioritize and be realistic, and with enough effort and wisdom, you would be rocking in a freedom chair that can take you to places in no time.