Wheelchair Sports: Fun for the Differently-abled

Wheelchairs are the solar panels for our physically challenged fellow human beings–they provide empowerment that makes living a little less harder.

No one can deny the fact that people with physical disability live life differently than those who are gifted with perfect health and physical abilities. For one, they have to continuously bear certain inconveniences, like going up ramps or being looked at as lowly individuals by people who perceive them as ‘different,’ when the truth is that such persons maybe on wheelchairs, but it don’t mean that they are not capable of doing things ‘normal’ people do.

For such physically challenged people, wheelchairs help them perform simple to complex tasks that make them productive members of society–like helping to pick which San Diego flooring is the best for a house (if the person happens to be a construction work aide) or assisting in the design and creation of prom dresses for sale and display (if the fellow is an assistant of a couturier).

Indeed, if we come to think of it, wheelchairs are like physically challenged peoples’ annonces immobilieres–their very own piece of real estate. But apart from being a piece of belonging, wheelchairs are also instruments of engaging in physical, fun-filled activities like wheelchair sports. While one may think that such differently-abled folks engaging in quite physically-draining activities would need to first consider getting life insurance quotes or ensure that the Sanuk sandals they’re wearing are fit for the grueling task at hand, wheelchair sports are not as physically tasking or impossible as they may seem.

Aside from the usual basketball on wheels, physically challenged people also engage in other sports such as billiards, archery, table tennis, bowling, rugby, fencing, dance sports, archery, track and field, and many more. Players range from 2 to 10 or more, depending on the type of sports. In the U.S. for example, the U.S. Paralympics Team proves that people on wheelchairs can actually excel in physically challenging sports activities as much as people with perfect physical abilities.

For persons with physical difficulties confined on wheelchairs, such activities build not just their physique, but most importantly, their sense of self-worth and self-respect. For them, engaging in such physical activities is like sifting through used cars in Phoenix or choosing from several log book loans offers–one simply has to look closely at the options to find the best one.

Needless to say, even those with physical handicaps have reasons to smile–thanks to wheelchair sports, their very own dreamweaver templates and wood shutters–simple mechanical devices that make their lives easier and fun.

So the next time you see someone on a wheelchair, remember to give that fellow a smile and treat him or her as a normal person capable of being a productive citizen of the society.